Chapter 3: THE WEB.



GhostWriter X Studios



In 2016 my family relocated to New Orleans. While awaiting Work Visa approval I produced a web-based graphic novel, Lucha Liberty.

The series evolved into a mobile-first web reader. Design, page layout and script-writing all accommodated this format.

The initial website structure was designed around the concept of making the series read like a vintage newspaper comic strip — similar to Dick Tracy or Flash Gordon.

Developing an innovative page structure allowed to construct the story for digital consumption, but can also transition print if required. 2.0

After 10 months of weekly content updates I transitioned the UI to mobile reading. My SEO data pointed to the majority of readership coming from Tablets and Mobile devices.

Building the site required a strong understanding of code and the WordPress interface.

Many hours were spent researching and testing code in a practical landscape.


  • Scriptwriting
  • Illustration, Color
  • Website Design and development
  • SEO Data Analytics
  • Marketing and Brand Development

LUCHA LIBERTY: the Video Game


While producing the web series I began producing assets for a pixel-style retro indie video game based on Lucha Liberty.

The game structure and assets have been primarily inspired by NES titles from the Konami gaming library.


  • Environment Design
  • Character Design
  • Level Layout
  • Sprite Design