I was born and raised on the Prairies of Canada, until I decided to attend the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary. I migrated to New Orleans, and have since moved East to North Carolina. I spend the majority of my days developing Character Designs, Storyboards, and Comic Books. Well, that and playing games online with my daughter.

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It all began with an outrageous story in Grade 2 — The Monster’s Grave! The story of a series of grotesque creatures invading the Earth, then leaving for no discernible reason. Since then I studied drawing books like Jack Hamm’s Drawing the Head and Figure and Andrew Loomis’ Fun with a Pencil. I’ve also Deconstructed story structure through Christopher Vogler’s The Writers Journey and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. This led to my formal training at both the University of Saskatchewan and the Alberta University of the Arts. I built upon my skills here by being mentored by Directors, Storyboard Artists and Professional Illustrators. I have created characters, stories, fictional worlds, websites and have never once stopped learning, growing or experimenting. My humble journey continues and builds one day, and stroke of the digital pencil, at a time.